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A Guide to Filling the Application for American Express Business Credit Card

One thing that you need to know is that there is a difference in how personal cards and business credit cards work. Most banks do not show the transactions, balances and credit lines on personal credit reports. That can be a very good thing for you in case there is a small business that you are trying to run. You should start by opening the link meant for the application that is usually provided and then click on the section for applying. You might get a pop up which needs you to provide information whether you are a member of the AMEX card. In the event that you already are a member, you should just log in using your details which are just your identity and password. Within a few seconds, you will get an answer.

You should then put the email address that you use on that site. The next thing that you should fill is your basic information. You should input your legal business name as your first and last name if you are an independent contractor, sole proprietor or in self-employment. After you have typed the legal name of your business, you will realize that it will fill in your first and last name automatically as the name of the business on the card. If you want to know whether you have a DBA, you need to click on the box with the names “Company does not have a DBA”. On the part that you will be required to fill in your business information, you should provide your home address in case you work from your home.

You need to then provide details about the number of your cell phone in the part asking for the phone number of your business. You may also put the phone number or address of your business if you have one. Furthermore, you need to understand that the information you provide should be your most used contact information since that is what they will use to contact you for verification purposes. Then put the type of industry that you work in. In the event that there is none that fits the business that you do, you can select “other”. You should then provide information about the structure of your company such as sole proprietorship, self-employment among others.

The next boxes provided will require you to give out information about the length of time that your business has been in operation and the total amount of money that you have earned from it. Be careful to fill in true information even if you have not earned anything from the business since you may be starting one. Include information about the number of employers you have in the place that you are asked for that. You will be the only employee since it is a sole proprietorship. Also count the W2 employees that you have on your books. There will be no need for you to count the individuals included in the 1099s since they are not part of your employees.

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